ClubRare x Xreators Partnership Announcement

ClubRare x Xreators Partnership Announcement

ClubRare x Xreators Partnership Announcement

ClubRare, an integrated Shopping Metaverse platform for collectors, has officially partnered with Xreators, an NFT Marketplace where creators can directly connect with their fans.

Xreators is a marketplace committed to building an ecosystem in the NFT industry by continuously supporting rising artists and donating profits from its sales. They offer NFT split sales, IP productization, and third-party licensing services.

Xreators has launched multiple partnerships, including OGQ, a social creator platform, as its primary content partner. Additionally, the company has collaborated on several NFT projects, such as the NFX Golf series, which offers holders access to field lessons with KLPGA professional golfers, and sequential artwork releases from artists affiliated with the global artist agency known as PINZLE.

ClubRare is working to create a platform that places collectors at the center of the shopping experience in the Metaverse. Through the use of Web3 technology and Phygital NFTs, the platform will connect collectors and creators directly, blurring the boundaries between the real world and the Metaverse. The company plans to unveil its all-in-one Shopping Metaverse platform, ClubRare 2.0, in 2023.

To reach this milestone, ClubRare will first launch ClubRare Marketplace v2 in March. This upgraded version of the platform is equipped with efficient infrastructure for collectors, including a product authentication system, price tracker, and an escrow system for secure transactions.

In mid-March, a closed beta version of The House will also be launched. This 3D-based showroom and store offers quests to earn rewards that can unlock extensive decorative elements.

In April, My Profile, a 2D-based mini space, will be launched. Here, users can convert their real-world items into Phygital NFTs and enjoy social activities online.

During the second half of the year, all three products will be integrated into the Shopping Metaverse platform, ClubRare 2.0. Users can create Phygital NFTs in My Profile, enjoy the 3D-based Metaverse experience in The House, and be directed to Marketplace for shopping, all within this all-in-one service.

Through this partnership, ClubRare aims to further expand its contacts with emerging groups of creators and provide a sustainable infrastructure for them to easily onboard and showcase their Phygital NFT products. This effort will create new partnership opportunities and help the company to grow its network of creators.

In addition, the partnership with ClubRare offers Xreators the chance to expand their presence in the Phygital NFT field by providing new business opportunities beyond digital platforms. By tapping into ClubRare's robust collector-based community, Xreators' creators can access a wider audience and expand their reach.

Both projects share the goal of pursuing global expansion, and will continue to collaborate to thrive in both Korean and global markets.

ClubRare aims to solidify its leading position in the Phygital NFT market through its Shopping Metaverse product, and plans to expand its global growth by forming new partnerships.


ClubRare x Xreators Partnership Event

ClubRare utility token MPWR community support event

Xreators Discord members who join the MPWR Telegram community will be eligible for an exclusive airdrop event.

  • Join the MPWR Telegram community to win a share of the 2,500 KLAY airdrop reward pool (first-come, first-served basis)
  • Event Period: Mar 2 - Mar 10, 2023
  • Rewards: Up to 25 KLAY per person out of a total of 2,500 KLAY reward pool
  • Mission:
    1. Join the MPWR Telegram and send a greeting message
    2. Follow ClubRare on Twitter, Like fixed posts, Retweet, and Tag 3 people
    3. Submit the Event form (the one you are currently filling out)
  • Rewards will be paid out to the submitted KCT wallets within March 2023.