ClubRare x Ozys x Megaton Finance

ClubRare x Ozys x Megaton Finance

ClubRare participates in Telegram’s TON blockchain ecosystem as the official launch partner for Ozys’s Megaton Finance.

Intending to innovate the future of E-commerce centered on the Web3 and Phygital NFT technologies, ClubRare is opening up a new e-commerce market that connects collectors and creators directly through Web3 and encompasses the real world and the Metaverse world through Phygital NFTs.

To this end, ClubRare is operating a Web3 Tokenomics based on multi-token, which consists of AGOV, ClubRare’s governance token used for creator onboarding activities, and MPWR, ClubRare’s utility token used for collectors' NFT-related activities in ClubRare 2.0. Furthermore, ClubRare has become an official launch partner of Megaton Finance, thereby onboarding both AGOV and MPWR tokens to the TON network. This is the third mainnet expansion after Klaytn and Ethereum. As a multi-chain project, ClubRare is planning additional mainnet expansion this year.

TON is the first blockchain project designed by Telegram, which boasts an MAU of 700 million people. TON, one of the world’s most notable blockchains, is aggressively expanding its Web3 ecosystem. Accordingly, ClubRare decided to onboard to the network based on a shared Web3 philosophy. We plan to carry out sequential collaborations with the TON ecosystem in the future.

ClubRare onboards to the TON network through Ozys’s Megaton Finance. Megaton Finance is the first autonomous financial protocol within the TON network that provides yield farming opportunities such as swaps and pair deposits. By supplying liquidity to the AGOV and MPWR pools to be created, users get a chance to earn Toncoin, Mega, and other reward tokens in return.

As the official launch partner of Ozys’s Megaton Finance, ClubRare has secured access to Orbit Bridge, a cross-chain bridge developed by Ozys, to move crypto assets between Klaytn and TON networks freely. The partnership also supports using TON Wallet, Tonhub, and Tonkeeper.

Ozys is a company studying the scalability and interoperability of blockchain technology. It is shaping a robust cross-chain ecosystem through DeFi protocols such as KLAYswap and Meshswap, as well as Web3 commercialization services such as Orbit Bridge.

ClubRare will continue devoting itself to growing its ecosystem through network and liquidity expansion with like-minded partners on the future of Phygital NFTs, while developing product-oriented services.

In doing so, ClubRare plans to sequentially launch the following products in the first half of 2023: ClubRare Marketplace v2 in February, The House, 3D-based Metaverse space, in March, and My Profile, a show window where anyone can easily create and display Phygital NFTs that connect physical items to the Metaverse space, in April.

Lastly, by launching ClubRare 2.0, an integrated Shopping Metaverse platform that connects ClubRare Marketplace, The House, and My Profile, in the second half of 2023, ClubRare is set to become a leading global project in the new e-commerce market encompassing the real world and the Metaverse world.