New Metaverse Partner “The Sandbox”

New Metaverse Partner “The Sandbox”

Introducing the new Metaverse Official Partner.

Metaverse platform “The Sandbox”


The Sandbox

ClubRare, a physical NFT platform that connects physical products to the metaverse, has signed an official partnership with a global metaverse platform, The Sandbox.

With the collaboration of The Sandbox, ClubRare has expanded its business to the metaverse platform, solidifying a personalized metaverse identity, and allowing collectors to use NFTs on the metaverse beyond the web/app base. Thereby, ClubRare evolves into a metaverse platform that can collect, display, and trade limited products.

The Sandbox is a meta that grows rapidly in 2021 and has sales of about KRW 170 billion (US$ 144M), over 500,000 wallet-linked users, and 12,000 LAND owners so far. It is a bus game platform. We are building a platform ecosystem that allows users to create content, such as games and items, and directly buy and sell them within the platform, and operate a market where users and creators can trade NFT items. In addition, it recently attracted a Series B investment of KRW 110 billion, led by ‘Softbank Vision Fund 2’.

Through this partnership, the two projects will work closely to publish limited-edition products on the ClubRare platform and freely use them on The Sandbox’s Metaverse platform. To freely use limited edition or luxury brand products on the metaverse and build a community where brands form a close relationship with their fans, ClubRare builds a dedicated platform and links it with The Sandbox I plan to go out.

In addition, ClubRare metaverse shop will be opened in The Sandbox metaverse. Through this space, ClubRare supports leading collectors as well as limited edition products of domestic and foreign partners to be implemented in The Sandbox metaverse in the form of Physical NFT.

The Sandbox supports the activation of the ClubRare market for The Sandbox users, and the two sides plan to build a physical-item-based NFT token economy in the global metaverse world together.

Yo-han Lee, Director of Business Development at The Sandbox Korea, mentioned that “The Sandbox, through a partnership with the NFT platform, ClubRare, attracts branded products to The Sandbox ecosystem, diversifying the utility of Metaverse and NFT and providing richer content to users. Through ClubRare, we expect to lower the entry barriers for brands entering into metaverse by providing The Sandbox’s voxel style-based solution.”